At Amandole, we believe that quality services are critical to the health, safety, and happiness of your loved one. We offer classes for life skills, social skills, and communication skills. We also offer regularly scheduled community outings and various social activities. We will provide the supports that meet your needs in an environment that offers large group space, smaller classrooms, and most important, large fenced in areas for fresh air, fun, and relaxation.

IMG_20141231_143336-1We also understand that people who do not have waiver services yet need a place for their family member to go during the day – we want to help and work with you to meet your needs.  We can arrange part time or full time supports.

Do you have a school aged child who is 14+?  Many traditional day cares do not accept children over the age of 13, yet your child may still need that level of care and supervision.  When they are out of school, you may need them to attend full time so you can go to work or you may need part time help to give you a break or give them some entertainment.  Either way, let us know how we can help.

Our day hab program is located in Texas City at 2810 13th Ave. North.



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Annual Cruise 2019
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